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Bed Bugs

Why are Bed Bugs spreading so rapidly?
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  •          Phenomenal explosion in major metropolitan regions 
  •     Increase in travel, loss of pesticidal tools & changes in how the industry operates
  •      Multi family housing & where they’re from
  •      Cruise ships
  •      Bed Bugs are master hitch hikers & hard to detect in low numbers 
  •      Public generally does not know what bed bugs are, how to avoid them, how to recognize a problem 
  •      Most modern insecticides are not effective

How are Bed Bugs being spread?

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  •          Furniture company delivering new furniture on same truck they took old furniture away on
  •     Furniture donated through Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores
  •     Yard sales
  •     Dumpster diving/curbside shopping

Biology of Bed Bugs

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  •      Feed exclusively on blood – take approximately 5 minutes to feed
  •      Leave host after feeding and hide nearby
  •      Life cycle – must take blood meal between life stages
  •     Egg
  •     5 instar stages
  •      Adult
  •      7 days between each instar stage
  •      35-48 days from egg to adulthood
  •       Females will lay 1-5 eggs per day (up to 200 in a lifetime)
  •       Adults can live 6-8 months(sometimes >1year)

Inspection and Detection

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  •      Equipment: flashlights (good for moderate to heavy infestations), Bed Bug detecting dogs (can find a single egg/bug), traps, heat (hair dryers)
  •      Where to look: box springs, bed frames, cracks, crevices, 85% will be close to where host is when resting majority of time, will go to ceiling corners in colder months


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  •      Nocturnal - normally move & feed at night
  •      Don’t jump or fly – move into suitcases at night – can move fairly fast
  •      Very mobile and can travel between apartments and dorms
  •      20% of apartments could be infested & not aware of problem
  •      Move into other units above, beside & behind location of initial infestation
  •      People that are bitten don’t always have a reaction
  •      Bed bugs will make bites in a line along person’s skin
  •      Not vectors – not know to carry diseases

Selecting a Pest Control Vendor

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  •      Services offered, abilities, experience, staffing
  •      Control options
  •      Conventional insecticide treatment (2-4 follow-up visits on average)
  •      Steam – very time consuming
  •      Freezing “cryonite units”, chest freezers (1 week minimum)
  •      Fumigation – no residual chemical afterwards
  •      “Thermal Remediation” Heat to 120°F for 5 hours (clothes dryer will kill bed bugs – 30 minutes on hot cycle)
  •      Nuvan Prostrips – DDP – Alternative to fumigation – not approved in living spaces
  •      Health Department Complaint Calls – schools, medical offices, nursing homes, lodging facilities, homeless shelters, etc.
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