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Director of Health and Human Services
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Director of Social Services
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Interim Health Director

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2012 Community Health Assessment

Rockingham County Citizens:

Each of us spends a lifetime trying to discover who we really are as a person.  This pursuit can also be extended to communities.  The difficulty in our discovery of ourselves and our community is that both are subject to the force of continual change.  As individuals and communities we must adapt to our changing world.  The difference in who we are rests in our ability to influence positive change in response to the ever present changes around us.  This is the heart of the Community Health Assessment (CHA) process.  By discovering who we are, a community becomes the patient, and its health is assessed every four years on key areas such as physical health, healthcare resources, economic health, behavioral health, social indicators, environmental health, and lifelong learning.

The CHA process would not be possible without the extensive collaboration of our many community partners and stakeholders.  The data contained in this document was gathered from dozens of sources including the State Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Census, Employment Security Commission, and Rockingham County databases.  Primary data was collected through community surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews.  The final product serves as a 2012 snapshot of the community's overall health, and provides the basis for the wise allocation of resources to address Rockingham County's priority health concerns.

We would like to thank each agency and person who made this Community Health Assessment a reality as we plan for a healthier Rockingham County.


Glenn L. Martin, M.S.E.H, R.E.H.S
Rockingham County Health Director

Katrina White, B.S., C.H.E.S., R.H.Ed.
Health Eduction Program Manager

Beverly Scurry, B.S.
Rockingham County Healthy Carolinians Coordinator

Cindy Wall Sarwi, Ed.D.
Executive Director
United Way of Rockingham County

Forward and Acknowledgement
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction and CHA Overview                                   
Chapter 2: Rockingham County Health Priorities
Chapter 3: Rockingham County Profile
north star                  Leaksville
Chapter 4: Social Determinants
Chapter 5: Education
Chapter 6: Environmental Health
Chapter 7: Physical Health
Chapter 8: Mental Health
Chapter 9: Violence
education                         river

Chapter 10: Access to Health Care
Chapter 11: Health Disparities
Chapter 12: Public Health Preparedness
Chapter 13: United Way of Rockingham County
Chapter 14: Rockingham County Community Household Opinion Survey
Chapter 15: Rockingham County Focus Groups

focus group                         united way
Appendix A: Problem Importance Worksheet
Appendix B: Rockingham County Community Health Taskforce Summary Report
Appendix C: Press Release: North Carolina's Infant Mortality Rate Lowest in Recorded History: Marked Improvement Among African American Births
Appendix D:  2012 Community Health Assessment Mental Health Surveillance Questions
Appendix E: Mental Health Services Provided in Rockingham County
Appendix F: Rockingham County Healthcare Alliance Resources and Capacity Assessment PowerPoint Presentation
Appendix G: At-Risk Population During Emergency Events
Appendix H: Untied Way 2012 Focus Group Questions and Emerging Themes
Appendix I: United Way Focus Group Responses
Appendix J: CHA Survey Questions (English)
Appendix K: CHA Survey Questions (Spanish)
Appendix L: Focus Group Questions

 CHA Public Forum PPT Title Page
2012 Community Health Assessment PowerPoint Presentation

2013 Healthy Carolinians Action Plans


     Access to Healthcare    

     Physical Activity and Nutrition    


     Social Determinants - Education

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